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Benefit,†Prices,†Discounts†& Guarantees
Economic benefit


According to the results of projects completed in 2006-2009, the economic benefit made up:

®†7-9% of monthly savings of wage fund in accordance with results of particular processes and/or procedures implemented (personnel assessment,†modification of compensation system,†adaptation system†etc.);

®†in accordance with results of comprehensive projects (LEGO Personal†solution, substantial modification of compensation system,†top management assessment, implementation of†talent management†system)— 12-18% of monthly savings of wage fund.

®†under projects for†organization development and organization structure managementoverall company performance growth indicator was achieved, this indicator making up 10-15% of monthly savings of wage fund.

The average payback period†isapproximately 3-6 months after the “production capacity” is achieved (only direct expenses were considered).

The difference between the cost of independent development and implementation of HR technologies by customer’s efforts (according to the customerís estimates) and through services of the Hi-Tech Group exceeded 50-65% of actual costs, which evidently shows the advantages of outsourcing for solving specialized tasks.

Cost of work under typical projects

The advantage of RCDI methodology is that the project goal is attained in less time, with greater reliability and at less cost than if it were performed by Customerís regular staff members.

At the same time staff members get new knowledge and gain new experience that allow ensuring long-time operation of the implemented process (technology) with no third-party organizations being involved.

Due to standardization and type design of solutions proposed and use of efficient methods, the extent of supplierís labor costs is being considerably reduced; therefore, the cost of typical project implementation will be the following:

25,000 RUR/first project stage (goal setting);

35,000 ó 65,000 RUR per week ó at stages 2, 3, 4;

35,000 ó 65,000 RUR for complete stages 5 and 7.

Specific amount mainly depends on company size and work intensity.

Thus, for small businesses the cost of work amounts to 40,000 RUR per week, for companies employing 1,000 people it is about 65,000 RUR.

Cost of work for unique solutions

When unique solutions are developed, where difficulties arise in evaluation of work volume and planning as well as at customerís option, standard form of hour pay for consultantsí services is applied.

Cost per hour of consultantís work is 2,000 RUR.

Cost per hour of partnerís work is 3,500 RUR.

Only effective time is used in calculation of labor costs.

Additional conditions and discounts

If the Customer is located outside Moscow, the cost is increased by 20%, travel and business trip expenses being additionally paid.

Where simultaneous operations are conducted for several projects, the cost of services is reduced by 20% for each new parallel task.

Discount system is provided for regular customers.

Services of Hi-Tech Group are exempt from VAT.


1. Payment for work is made by installments: 50% before beginning of each stage, 50% upon its completion. Duration of stage will not exceed one month, therefore, maximum risk for Customer is payment for two weeks of work.

2. Each stage is completed by submission to Customer of substantial predetermined result of work under the stage. Until the result is accepted by Customer, the stage will not be completed.

3. As a result of project implementation Customer receives developed and implemented technology or process documented as corporate standard.

4. Upon project completion the support line will be operative within three months.

5. Upon expiry of 3-6 months after process implementation the implemented process is audited and only after favorable report is received in accordance with the audit results, Hi-Tech Group deemes its obligations fulfilled.

We do our best so that our Customers are sure that their tasks will be accomplished with due care, within the stipulated terms and subject to the budget.

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